Q. Are Exams compulsory at Evolve?

A. No, however we do encourage all of our pupils to participate, as it gives them something to focus on and work towards during the year. However pupils not taking examinations are not guaranteed promotion to the next level.

Q. Is uniform compulsory and how do it get it?

A. Uniform is compulsory except for those taking the Song and Dance programme. After enrolment you will receive a Welcome Pack with a list of the required uniform for each class and a uniform order form. All you need to do is fill out the form and return it to a staff member.

Q. Does Evolve offer payment plans towards term fees?

A. Yes, we do. We allow families to pay by instalment. Exam and Production invoices must, however, be paid in full by the due date.

Q. How do I know what class will suit my child?

A.Following your initial inquiry you will have the opportunity to take a free trial class. We want to ensure that your child is comfortable with their chosen genre before they join.

Q. Am I required to stay and watch my child’s class?

A. We encourage parents to stay and watch class. Pupils are able to be dropped off and picked up from class, but please be prompt at pick-up time, as we are unable to provide supervision out of class time. Visitors are always welcome.

Q. Do I have to pay for classes my child does not attend?

A. We send out our invoices at the end of each term in preparation for the upcoming term. If you know that your child will be missing a number of classes in one term due to family holidays, you can let us know and we will invoice you to be attend. Should your child miss class due to illness, school trips or suchlike, you will not be refunded.

Q. Does Evolve partake in Dance Competitions?

A. Our main focus is in preparing our pupils and vocational students for Royal Academy of Dance and NZ Association of Modern Dance examinations. We have selected performance groups that perform throughout the Manawatu. This group is created by invite only to pupils who are excelling in their usual class(s).

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