our fees

Term Fees

3 weeks before the start of any term parents receive an invoice via email for the upcoming term.
We have three tiers which relate to the level/grade your child is in.
– Tier One | $100 per 10 week term
– Tier Two | $130 per 10 week term
– Tier Three | $160 per 10 week term

Examination Fees

Exam’s are not compulsory at Evolve but are highly recommended. If you choose to enter your child into an exam you will receive an invoice that will cover four different costs.
– Exam Entry Fees. These will range from $45 – $160 depending on your level/grade
– 5 Day Holiday Coaching Week Fee | Juniors $85 & Seniors $120
– Mock Exam Day Fee | Hip Hop $30 | Jazz, Contemporary & Ballet $50
– Exam Day Fee | $25
For more information on examinations please click here

Annual Production Fees

Once again, participation in production is not compulsory however %99 of our pupils do participate and it’s usually the highlight of their dancing year. Near the end of term three parents will receive an invoice for production fees.
– Performance Fee | $45 | One per child
– Costume Fee | $75 | One per genre your child is enrolled in.